Smart watches become the mainstream

The growth rate of smart watches is relatively fast, reaching 61%. In the third quarter of this year, apple watch sales reached 3 million 900 thousand, an increase of 500 thousand units in the second quarter, and occupied 23% of the wearable device market. To some extent, smart watches are becoming the mainstream of wearable devices.

smart watch

Smart watches have become the mainstream, and there are several reasons for it:

1. the difference between the smart watch and the smart phone is used for the difference between the use of the scene.

2. out of the smartphone is an independent product.

3.AI voice interaction, free from the limitations of the screen.

4. in the functional field of homogeneity with smart phones, it is more convenient and more efficient.

Wearable equipment manufacturers have been in a big decline from the past few years to the last two years, and wearable devices have not developed rapidly in the imagination. Wearable equipment vendors may be able to absorb experience from the design of smart watches and improve in time.

smart watch

smart watch

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