5 Ways to Improve Headphones’Performance

5 Ways to Enhance Headphones’ Performance

These tips can help you wear your earphones correctly and enhance the quality of sound it has on offer.

1.Getting the Perfect Fit is Important

It is a known fact that everyone’s ears are different; therefore the pair that fits your friend perfectly might not work that well for you. Even both the ears of one person differ in shape and size hence getting the perfect fit for your ear is important, you can try different earphones unless you reach the ultimate satisfaction.

Rubber tips can also cause a bit of a discomfort in your ear and may not be able to provide the perfect sealing as well. The best way to get a comfy fit and the perfect sealing is to switch over to foam tips.

2.Do not just push the Earphone in

Just by pushing the earphone in, you are not helping the cause of listening to quality music. If the earphones are not inserted properly, it can spoil the moment for you. It is important that you insert the tip on to your canal gently and make sure that it sits on it perfectly, if not it will not provide a perfect seal. There are L and R marks on the headphones that can indicate which one to insert in which ear.

The proper seal will ensure that no external sound is audible within the headphone and will enhance the listening experience. If the earphone is not inserted properly it can cause irritation in the ear and you will not be able to use it for longer intervals.

3.Keeping the headphone Intact

It is important that the earphone stays in its position while you are on the move. We know that the in-ear monitors come along with a cord that wobbles here and there while you are jogging or exercising. This makes it hard to for the earphone to stay intact with the ear. There are techniques through which you can sort this problem out

  • The most common but effective technique is just to put the left tip in the right ear and the right tip in the left, since the tips are angled shaped therefore they grip tightly.

  • You can also bring the cord from over the ear to make it stay intact while you are on the move.

  • While jogging or performing any sports activity you can also use shirt clips for the cord of the earphone in order to avoid the wobble.

    4.You do not have to adjust volume every now and then

If the earphones are inserted correctly, it means that you have succeeded in blocking the external noise. This means that you do not have to adjust the volume every now and then, even the slightest details will be audible under this scenario.

All the frequencies can be heard with the proper placement of the earphones; especially the base is quite significant, if the earphones are worn properly.

5.Keeping the earphones safe after use

We have seen people complaining about their earphones not lasting for more than a year, this is because the way they keep it after use. Always make sure that the earphones are kept in the proper manner once used. The ways to keep them in proper manner are

  • Do not overly fold the cord of the earphone

  • Keep the ear buds clean all the time

  • Make sure to keep them in cases after use (buy a case from the market if you do not have one)

  • Make sure that your earphone is free from fungus and bacteria.

By taking all these safety measures you can ensure that your earphones will work in the proper manner for a very long time. You will be free from the hassle of changing your earphones every now and then, which can be a pretty time consuming task.

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