New High Quality Professional GLXD4 Dual Wireless Microphone System stage performances a two wireless microphone


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Dual Handheld Cordless Microphone System, UHF 100 Channels Frequencies Adjustable Professional Wireless Mic for Karaoke Singing

Features: 1 Dual channel dual antenna receive signal design, each channel has 100 selectable channels 2.UHF band transmission signal, the frequency range in between 500-980MHz, the signal step up between the 250KHz 3 Receiver and transmitter are equipped with VA LCD display, working state at a glance 4 The back of the receiver is equipped with 2 rubber antennas to enhance the received signal and highlight the appearance of high-grade 5 Contained one 6.3mm outputs and one balanced output, suitable for connecting a variety of external devices 6 Microphone power consumption is 130mA, using 1.5V AA*2 rechargeable battery power supply, can be used for more than 6 hours 7 Using distance: about 100 meters 8 Audio and data use 32bit encryption transmission and independent ID code, effectively prevent crosstalk and interference 9 Transmitter and receiver use 8bit encryption infrared transmission synchronization mode 10 The receiver can observe the battery working state of the transmitter with a glance 11 Use high fidelity moving coil microphone capsule, so that your voice is more clear and real Host performance parameters: Frequency range: UHF 600MHz-649MHz; Frequency stability: 10PPM; Occupied bandwidth: ±150KHz; Transmission rate: 4.8Ksps; Modulation: DQPSK; Signal to noise ratio: >105dB; Distortion: <0.5%@1KHz; Receiving sensitivity: -105dBM; Frequency response: 30Hz-KHz; Power supply: DC 12V-16V; Emitter performance parameters: Power supply: DC 3V (1.5V AA*2); Microphone power consumption: 130mA; Transmit power: 10mW; Dynamic range: >100dB; Type: moving coil type; Frequency response: 30Hz-KHz

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Handheld Microphone



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Karaoke Microphone


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